Getting into the client’s shoes

We spend around 300 to 500 hours with our client, irrespective of the size of the project, and work on it as if it were our own.

Artificial Intelligence

We believe in technologically advanced approach with extensive yet mindful use of AI and IOT.


We boast of 300+ approved vendors from across the nation – Rajasthan, Mumbai, UP

Eco-friendly approach

We encourage the use of eco-friendly/natural products for a sustainable future- like the use of jute curtains, paints with negligible VOC content, etc.

After handover support

We provide 30-day maintenance or support and leave only after we are sure everything is working fine.

You can rely on us

While we take full responsibility to manage your chaos and design to make your life orderly.


  • Meet & Agree
  • Design Development
  • Space Planning
  • Concept Creation

We at Uniworks believe in knowing you, understanding your requirement, and then getting started. The process of creation is built on the foundation of trust and an open conversation about your needs. During this phase, we will meet clients to discuss project goals and need for space. We will collect as much necessary information as possible regarding your space and move forward.

Depending upon the initial discussion, we address the emerging future of work, leisure or living. We design a plan according to the tastes, preferences and requirement that cater differently to each of our clients. Be it retail, commercial space or interiors, our process focuses on innovation that enriches our Clients’ lives and businesses and hopes to add full value to all that it touches. Our creative minds are trained to think about those design solutions that people may overlook.

Once the design is discussed, space is planned to keep our clients’ choices and convenience in mind. Our personalized and committed approach ensures that everything we suggest will fit perfectly within your existing space. After receiving the necessary information, we will start working on planning, presentation, and develop a concept tailored to your needs. We deliver design concepts for you which become the framework for all your design decision.

This stage of the design process is the roadmap to follow the next build phase. Final concept and styles are determined together with the clients. The concept will be illustrated through 3D visualization, illustrative drawings, materialist, Animation model, Mood board samples of all products to give a clear picture to the clients. Here the elaborate budgeting is also ascertained and discussed with the clients

  • Objective
  • Project Team Takes Over
  • Vendor Allocation
  • On-Site Supervision
  • Handover and Post-Handover Support

At this stage, the extent and objectives of the project are defined. A work plan with deliverable resources timing and the overall budget is developed. Also at this stage, the detailed costing and break-Up is ascertained, for the client’s better understanding.

Once the project team takes over, your space is measured, photographed and assessed. Several site visits take place, while project co-coordinators and site engineers are allocated. The site engineer will ultimately give the budget, drawings and plan of work. Our talented team of Project Managers and site supervisors ensures that your process is a hassle-free and pleasant experience.

We have as many as 300 approved and reliable vendors from all categories – who are shortlisted based on the amount of work, availability, volume and seasonal allocation.

Not only at this stage, but at every stage, rigorous supervision takes place. We ensure that all the work taking place should not deviate from that drawing-map, from the brand and from basics. With checkpoints established at every stage to track the quality and progress of work, we ensure you settle for nothing but the best.
At Uniworks, you can be assured of 100% transparent exchange on all matters. We make it a point to keep you constantly updated on the progress throughout the project and maintain a detailed and thorough BOQ’s (bills of quantity), no matter how big or small, to bring clarity and reassurance to all our dealings.

We finally hand over the site to the client with great confidence, which will be enormously sufficient for the client to boast of its features for the price spent. We provide 30-day maintenance or support and leave only after we are sure everything is working fine.