Generative floor plan

Subtitle- Get multiple floor plans on your finger tip

Details- What are we doing?

Our team is in the process of making a mobile phone app that will provide multiple iterations of an architectural plan with the help of simple user inputs regarding the site area, boundary of the site, number, and types of room and their sizes as per requirement, site’s geographical direction with the help of a combination of Genetic Algorithms and current State of Art Deep Learning.


We at Uniworks Designs explore the use of AI/ ML in the field of construction industry.

We are currently developing a bot which can navigate around the construction site and give you an update of the work progress report by analysing the status of the construction site using  machine learning /deep learning algorithms and Computer VIsion algorithms.

Our Idea is to find the deviation of onsite work from the proposed designs and create an alarm for site supervisors to take actions in advance to minimise the rework and make the process efficient.

We are trying to create an ecosystem which will automate and digitalise the updates from the construction site for the client, vendors and site engineers.

An ecosystem which provides you capability of remotely accessing your site and reading the update.