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Staart build tech is a sub-company of the Uniworks designs. It is a software company based out of Hyderabad.
Its mission is to democratize construction in India. As more than 80% of construction in India is built by small and mid-size contractors who are unable to hire PMC professionals, their journey started a decade ago.

Founder’s Talk

Staart Advantage

Instead of managing projects in spreadsheets or messages, the staart app integrates Budget, Purchase orders, cash flow, and communication in one place.

Use of technology in construction management

Construction management of live site is an ongoing process where planning, monitoring and quality check all happens simultaneously , thus construction management need very agile methodology to get the work completed within stipulated timeline and agreed quality.

Quality in construction is directly related to time and money, lesser time and good quality are only possible by machines that’s the primary difference between the manufacturing and construction sectors. But despite having a longer time if we don’t have a measurement matrix for construction quality we won’t be able to produce the quality construction, which may cause delays due to rework.

With the advent of technology, we can now thread multiple activities and their attributes related to specification, time, quality, and money into apps and show it to different users as and when required, which makes everyone on the common page thus helping in faster decisions making. In India maximum construction has been managed by static excel sheets and WhatsApp!

In India more than 80% of construction executed by small to mid-size builders finds it uneconomical to hire a PMC firm, they need to adopt the latest technology for their day-to-day operations which are cost-effective and help them to achieve a higher degree of efficiency.

Mismanagement in the construction business often results in loss of control over cash flow and quality thus affecting their reputation. Investing in SAAS products for your construction business will standardize the operational process. Successful SAAS products in the construction industry have ROI in the range of 5-15 X depending on the scale and stage of the project.

So guys start experimenting with different SAAS products. Many of them provide the freemium offering.

Instead of traditional SAP and ERP software which is suitable for bigger organization construction organizations as well as super hard to implement, use cloud base SAAS solution build specially for Mid-small size builders. in the form of web and mobile apps, which are super easy to implement.