Work in Progress – T Stone Capital, Hyderabad

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Work in Progress – T Stone Capital


LocationDurgam Cheruvu, Hyderabad
Area12,000 SQFT
ScopeDesign and Build
Design BriefThe owners of the offices are also the owners of a famous restaurant chain, Buffalo Wild Wings. The client had an array of experience in building their own chains and hence the requirement was their office was an open and unique space.
UW started the Design by dividing the space into 2 separate offices and defining separate themes. While the T Stone Capital office was designed with Ita Gold Marble and Wooden Ceilings to give a more composed look, Sygven was created with a Black flooring and metal sheet ceiling to create a funky and casual look. The central lounge and reception, common to both spaces were planned with a lot of greenery Office also invites interesting breakout spaces like Putting Golf, Virtual Golf, lavish lounges and grand central open space for games.