Work in Progress – Cenerg Global Tools, Patancheruvu, Hyderabad

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Work in Progress – Cenerg Global Tools


LocationPatancheru, Hyderabad
Area18,000 SQFT
ScopeDesign and Build
Design BriefCenerg Global Tools Stands for their Quality and Perfection of their Process and Product. Given said, the interiors of this office needs to reflect their character. Located in Isnapur, Patancheru in Hyderabad, the above 2 floors of the existing factory was given to UW Designs to be designed and executed as a transformation.
As a design element, electrical conduits were used all over the space. We used the the copper conduit which represents what we stand for as a company: connecting people to do great things. The conduit is a metaphor for the Cenerg Global tools which serves as a platform of connection and continuation. The conduit starts at the Entry Wall and flows throughout the office, terminating at pantry. Normally electrical conduit is kept hidden in an interior, it isn’t nice to look at and doesn’t really add anything to a space, but when made into a feature, like with this project, you can’t help but look around and follow the lines. The office of full of colour after we chose to highlight the conduit pipes by painting them a bright copper which is the colour of CGT. We aimed to emphasize the conduits and even added more into the space to create an even bigger dramatic impact. Throughout the space, the highly organized pipes line the walls and drop down to transform into lighting fixtures. In the meeting rooms, light bulbs drop down from the conduit for a look that’s more like an artistic light installation than just functional lighting