Vijay Bhaskar’s Residence


LocationDSR Fortune Prime
Area2,600 SQFT
ScopeDesign and Build
Design BriefDesign Idea was contemporary Design style with the touch of modern materials with respect to the time and more towards the natural tones. We have played with a unique set of lights to enhance the aesthetic sense in the house.

DescriptionThe idea is to go for a contemporary style, with extensive use of modern materials with natural tones. In order to achieve so, we are mixing sophistication with elemental simplicity, caringly and with exemplary artisanal quality.

By combining quality materials and Indian craftsmanship, the idea is to present a richly textured contemporary tapestry with handcrafted genuine hardwood furniture, natural limestone floors, elegant window frames, and different sets of lighting hues. They all combine together to elevate the aesthetics of the house without going overboard.