Tropical Animal Genetics (TAG)


LocationNanakramguda, Hyderabad
Area4,500 SQFT
ScopeDesign and Build
Design BriefTAG deals with Science for Sustainable Food Production. They are headquartered in Gurugram. They are shifting their Hyderabad office from a residential unit in Jubilee hills to a 4,500 sqft space in Financial District. Imagine a workplace without cubicles that separate you from your boss. Instead of knocking on his/her cabin door every time, you can just walk across, since the boss may be sitting right next of you. There is no need to minimise or hastily close the social networking sites or your favourite game whenever the boss crosses your desk!
Enter Tropical Animal Genetics Corporate Office in Nanakramguda, Hyderabad and and you would realise the new office culture is here to stay. TAG is an organisation which believes that work can happen anytime. The most productive output comes when the employee believes in the work that he/she is doing. Hence flexible working zones give employees the space to work and think freely. Brainstorming sessions happens at Amphitheater (everyone’s favourite zone), Lounge Space, Phone Booths and other open spaces with plenty of natural light. The office boasts of shower rooms created for employees who come to office on bicycle.