Tripura Bar & Restaurant – Hyderabad

Tripura Bar & Rrestaurant


Area1,600 SQFT
Design BriefWhen we have approached by restaurant owner we were told ,it’s nearly 25 year old restaurant ,quite famous in its locality has got lot of loyal customer. It had 2 sections one budget another family.
DescriptionUniworks idea is to make its loyal customer more proud of this place at the same time give it a fresh ambience, while profiling for Tripura’s customer we’ve found ,most of the customers are fan of Telugu movie thus we got an idea there couldn’t be best way if can trigger customer conversation around movie.
After completion to our surprise we’ve listened to a lot of customers converse around Telugu movie famous movie dialogues written on the table, walls etc. The entire ambience looks like a movie set for the pub.
Tripura bar is open, you can enjoy the fresh look while having delicious food at a budget price!