Syntizen Technology, Hyderabad


Area6000 sqft
LocationRoad number 45, Mastan Nagar

Design Brief Cooperation Through the Community
One of the most appreciated advantages of a Co-working space is the environment that fosters and opens up for collaboration. With this in mind, spaces are designed in the premise of a high coefficient of common areas. Outside the physical space, online collaboration is becoming increasingly common through community functions in co-working management platforms. Increasing demand for creativity and innovation in business has led to increased demand for shared spaces and effective co-workers (coworkers).

The project is an outcome of redesigning an existing traditional working culture into a co-working space to provide visual separation of space by demarcating zones with colour coding. The vibrant yet subtle use of colour provides a point of direction or focus for the zone. A major focus was given on reusing the existing material of the site to minimize the waste production and innovating in different ways of using the existing setup into a modern theme. The 150-seater co-working office space is a place for everyone – interiors with a minimalist but modern theme, space-optimizing office furnishings, hi-speed internet, conference and meeting rooms, cafes, a separate networking space, a lounge with sofas and all other facilities that employees today demand and enjoy.