PrimEra Tech, Hyderabad


Area1,00,000 SFT
LocationKavuri Hills, Hyderabad

Design Brief Primera Medical Technologies is a Healthcare company that provides comprehensive technology services and solutions to various healthcare providers. With offices situated in Hyderabad and Bangalore, the client’s intent in this project was to consolidate all the scattered, smaller offices in Hyderabad into a single building. The site is located in Madhapur amongst other commercial establishments and can accommodate up to 900 employees in the single building.

We were presented with a linear site, oriented along the NW-SE axis, with 2 existing entries into the site. The main road lies to the NW of the site and is the primary entry into the compound. The building comprises of 5 floors and is glazed on the North and South facades. The concept of the design stemmed from this; workstations across all the floors were arranged in a linear manner along the edges of the building to maximize utilization of daylight entering the building. The central spaces were demarcated for internal circulation.