Neha Gandhi’s Residence


LocationDSR Fortune Prime
Area2,800 SQFT
ScopeDesign and Build
Design BriefModern Style Interiors comprising 3d art and fabric woven art onto the wall to get the essence of design through touch. It has a coalescence of natural and artificial materials together. Furniture design also supports the colour palette.

Description3D art is the most “in thing” when it comes to modern interiors, and we aim to art-making good use of this trend in this space along with Fabric woven art onto the walls for added panache. The focus is to provide visual interest to space, by adding a layer of depth and texture and an inviting sense of warmth.
Atmospheric lighting and pleasing accessories aided by potted plants greenery lend the spaces a sanctuary of relaxation and indulgence. The coalescence of natural and artificial matter eschews intimate charm without compromising the needs of a modern, contemporary house.