Altruista Health Services, Hyderabad


Area45,000 SFT
LocationKokapet, Hyderabad

Design Brief The interiors have been designed in keeping with the concept of Agile working and Scrum philosophies. The idea is to encourage a decentralized work ethos – with meeting rooms, stand-ups, scrum boards, huddles and break-out zones scattered across the office in addition to the workstations.

The basic unit plan of the office workstations is a 10-person cluster. Each unit is placed strategically to maximize an employee’s access to all other areas in the office. the workstations are planned along a 45 degree grid to facilitate easy and efficient employee circulation. This design ensures that the teams can collaborate efficiently and unblock themselves quickly. The office is also filled with ample in-house amenities like a canteen, play areas, “feet-up” areas for relaxed brainstorming, rest areas and abundant indoor landscaping helping to keep the air quality up to standard.