Adithya & Neerja Mony, Cyprus Palm


LocationCyprus Palm
Area6000 SQFT
Design BriefThis is a Contemporary House beautifully carved in the monotony of Beiges and Woods with an additional patterns dropped onto the floor and walls. Relief art and paintings are an additional beauty.
DescriptionWe decided to do a contemporary setting with defined spaces, that oozes an environment of comfort and simplicity; uncluttered, fresh and subtly sophisticated at the same time. Each setting showcases artistic flair and elements of individual expression in shades of beiges and woods, well-supplemented by additional patterns woven into the floor and walls.
The idea is to use muted, classic tones that elevates the sophisticated metallic finishes and lends out a homely, inviting space of comfort. Wooden furniture with covers and finishes in an assortment of colours, give a touch of luxury to the whole space. Elements like pendant lighting, relief art and paintings placed at different points accentuate the architectural details adding an aura of elegance.
Overall, there is a composed flow from the entrance to the rooms with maximum use of natural light during the day. To sum it up, it’s a home with rooms that are well-interpreted in modern aesthetical language, and a real sense of character and personality.