How is Artificial Intelligence Revolutionizing the Construction Industry?

Digitization is the next step into the future of the construction industry. Technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), big data and computer vision have made inroads into the sector. The sector is one of the largest in the world economy, with about annual expenditure of $10 trillion. AI and its related fields overcome common project challenges and get better results. So, the industry must adopt more AI applications and techniques to catch up.

What is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

Artificial Intelligence is a term when a machine imitates human logical functions. Machine learning(ML) is a field of AI that uses statistical methods for machines to learn from data. Devices provide better insights when exposed to large amounts of data.

In recent years, the construction sector has used AI and its subsets in a range of ways to make it more efficient. From design deviations to improving workplace safety, AI is already proving its value and Artificial Intelligence Revolutionizing Construction.

Some of the few instances where Artificial Intelligence continues to transform the construction field are:

Effective planning of projects

Several firms have used AI also solve delayed and over-budget construction projects. Using AI-powered robots to track the development of different sub-projects allows effective monitoring. This step helps project teams cross the completed tasks and plan other complex ones.

Similarly, reinforcement learning uses algorithms to learn from field experiments. This ML method is the best workable solution for project planning as it rectifies itself. 

Prevents a budget increase

Construction projects always have a margin of running over the budget. So, To avoid this issue, firms use AI Neural networks to predict cost overruns. Because AI builds models that foresee timelines based on the type of the contract and the project size. Historical data, such as project start and end dates, help in such prediction models.

Aids in mitigating threats

Risks and the construction industry go hand in hand. Issues need not be safety-related but can also be with quality, time, or cost. Many sub-contractors work on different tasks in parallel in large construction projects. Hence, using AI to detect and focus on risks on the construction site becomes crucial. These algorithms foresee and assign priority to issues such as potential water infiltration. So, it becomes easy for the project team to provide limited time and resources for risky jobs. 

The Internet of Things (IoT) is helping to automate job sites to make them safer. Wearable sensors identify the location of the workers and provide alerts.

Application of Computer Vision Technology

Computer vision technology derives information from image/video inputs and makes suggestions. The technology is more accurate because of advances in AI/ML. So, video analysis is paving its way to construction sites.

The use of artificial intelligence and complex AI algorithms is helpful in site monitoring. The new tech captures the area to a cloud-based AI engine and uploads the visual data. Algorithms assess previous data for design differences and show progress. Hence, Artificial Intelligence Revolutionizing Construction.

The right source for the futuristic construction productivity

Uniworks Designs explores AI and computer vision in the construction industry. We are coming up with a bot that navigates the construction site. The concept is to find the changes in onsite work from the proposed designs. Site supervisors get real-time warnings with recommendations to resolve any issue. Clients, vendors and site engineers can check progress reports by reading the updates. We are working on providing a digital ecosystem to track construction productivity.