Home Decor Trends of The Year 2019

Favorite Home Decor Trends of The Year 2019

As we are almost completing 2019, it’s indeed hard to believe that time has flown by so fast. As the year 2019 rolls along, home decor trends are witnessing a tremendous shift, moving away from stark minimalism to riveting striking designs of the most cutting-edge that makes space feel fresh.

If you’re one of those planning a home renovation or looking to dress-up your space in the latest trends, make sure that you do so with prints and patterns done-up by the best interior designers in Hyderabad, with the skills to use elements in a way that will give a whole new vibe to your home. One such name is Uniworks Designs that bring with them a wealth of fresh and innovative thinking that synchronizes with the changing tastes of homeowners, looking to revitalise their spaces along with time.


To get the right look for your home, stay ahead of the curve by incorporating some of the hottest 2019 home decor trends through the best of interior designers for residential spaces in Hyderabad.  This way, you can transform your home and lifestyle, well within your budget:

  • MUSHROOM LAMPS: Mushroom Lamps OR Dome as they are called at times has been well in vogue this season. Already major retailers are said to be stocking high with vintage, traditional and contemporary models, betting upon their ability to strike an instant chord with homeowners.
  • SOFTER WHITE WALL PAINT: Moving away from cold whites, two new kinds of whites that the homeowners would take a liking too would be Chantilly Lace, a very pure white, and softer whites like dove grey that give homes a luminous look, much like the white fairytale look.
  • SUSTAINABLE NATURAL FABRICS: sustainable natural fabrics will find many takers across homes. Natural textiles in varied styles and looks in items like upholstered furniture, cushions, tapestries, throws, etc, will garner attention and acceptance among homeowners. The wholesome shift will be driven by a desire to embrace a more natural and peaceful habitat retreat, from the hustle and bustle of modern life.
  • WALL SUSPENSIONS: Wall suspensions or wall hangings, will make a big impression in 2019, elbowing out gallery walls and framed prints. The shift will be towards geometric colour block hangings which offer minimal and a more modern alternative, to the old-style bohemian wall hangings.
  • EARTHY COLOURS: Earthy colours reflecting a more natural vibe will dress up home decors in 2019. Most prominent among them will be warm beige shades, different green hues, and more.
  • STAND-OUT CEILINGS: Standout ceilings will be big statement pieces in 2019. Think of it, a painted ceiling in a fresh vibrant hue with a subtle hint of pattern or texture will add fresh element touch-up to a room and spark architectural interest. It will elevate the whole space and make it look fun and interesting.
  • WOOD FINISHES:  As homeowners increasingly seek detour from the rush of modern life to nature, wood finishes will increasingly be used in residential homes to create a welcoming environment, bathed in all calm. Add to this, homeowners are seeking out lighter and airier spaces, and this is where the wood will play a critical role as a finishing material that oozes warmth and comfort all around.
  • COLOURED KITCHEN CABINETRY: Kitchens like bathrooms are increasingly finding greater prominence in many homes. In fact, it is a norm in many homes already the world over. 2019 will see coloured kitchen cabinetry, marking a shift from the stale old all-white and black cabinetry. Available in various colour hues, coloured kitchen cabinetry make a more purposeful and striking impact. English Colours like greens and grey-washed blues will be especially popular, for they beautifully gel with fixtures and hardware in brass and other contrasting metals.

In addition to the above raging home decor trends, knitted rugs to stunning decoupage boxes and rustic and earthy block prints and dye, will find many takers across homes for they are highly sustainable, and rooted in the classical ancient Indian heritage, combining well with other natural materials like wood and bamboo.

Experts have predicted that in the coming years we will increasingly see more and more multi-functional spaces in not just residential spaces, but also commercial and retail spaces. While, interior designers for commercial will focus more on giving the space environment a sense of soothing and stylish identity, with a smart, modern look; interior designers for retail spaces will likewise place more emphasis on providing classy and unique experiences for customers through the usage of bold colours to nature-inspired elements.